Sponsor Highlight

Aligned with our theme of “recruiting and retaining talent”, we would like to highlight one of our sponsors who truly values this theme. As the state’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a unique mission to guarantee everyone in Michigan access to health care. Diversity and inclusion are vital components of their culture. They have a commitment to recruiting and retaining top talent and this is demonstrated with their internship program. Their internship program not only develops the students as future employees and entrepreneurs of our state, professionally, but also has program components that assists with making them well-rounded individuals. In addition to working, interns engage with leadership members, the community and one-another. Interns accepted into the program:

“We are very proud of our internship program”, says Stefanie Thornton, Director of Talent Acquisition for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. “We created a program that not only gives students great knowledge and experience, but also engages them with Detroit, creates work-life balance early on, and compensates them, which is rare for internship programs these days.” Go to: http://www.bcbsm.com/index/about-us/careers.html to learn more.

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